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Keeshond Lovers Unite!


Well, once the decision was made I rendered myself pretty busy.  I have trained and bred my dogs to such an excellent standard that, at one point, my very own beloved companions garnered themselves some mighty prestigious awards.   Ranked sixth in the nation for obedience, this is "Beau", to your right.


This tough guy's name is "Rocky" and brought us home a national Champion
in confirmation on beauty and movement.  Their wins have made us all very proud and they certianly love the attention to no end.

Achieving these heights requires much dedication from me. In training alone, I spend up to hour a day per dog, seven days a week. I have always stressed that training must be divided into four sessions throughout the day for optimum results. My dogs are on a highly regimented training schedule, although they are given much playful time to be their regular ole doggie selves.

I also attend school 3 times a week while my 'pack' is in training in preparation for Show Time. School consists of confirmation training, obedience training and agility. The amount of devoted attention--from training, to grooming, to breeding, to loving--creates the much-needed bond while sweating it out in the competition ring.  It is absolute teamwork, all the way.   And this teamwork begins the moment my babies are born into this world. 

If I could leave you with anything, it would be this:

"If you don't get good quality with the first 2 breedings...

...then it's time to look more closely at the lines and make a wise decision that will create a win-win situation for both human and dog".

In closing, I would like to give some much due appreciation to my family who have been an incredible source of   support through out all of my Keeshond Krazy endeavors.  I would like to take a moment to give to all of them for their love, encouragement and patience during these wonderfully enriching years in my life.  Thank you for taking a peek into my World, I hope you'll visit again sometime soon...

To Keeshond Lovers Everywhere,




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lil pawsThank you for visiting, my name is Terri and I'm a proud Keeshond owner and passionate fan (if you couldn't tell already!) This particular slice of Cyber Space  is dedicated to the Keeshond Dog Breeder, Owner and Lover in all of us. Anybody who has yet to meet a Keeshond has the potential to have their smile widened and  heart melted at the drop of a bone. These curiously sweet animals are known for their friendliness, intelligence and especially, boundless companionship. 

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