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For the Love of Dogs & Life:  

We treasure the companionship, the never failing loyalty, the willful cuddling all snug in our beds, an eagerness to face the new day despite a jolting from peaceful rest at dreadful hours- these are testaments to the canine spirit. They forgive us unconditionally when we lose our temper, when we are impatient, when we are far less than they in competence. The Love of Dogs is humbling and the reason I breed. A person could never give enough nor have enough Love and these human-pleasers are happy to oblige without even forethought. In rare instances can a human being enjoy such infinite affection. Yes, dogs teach us just how much we appreciate unconditional love and allows us to eagerly return it to the world with fearless abandon. A Love for Life and a Love of Animals means our self-worth comes as a reward from the knowledge that we have provided our dogs a life of love, of pleasure, and of happiness.

Responsible breeders 

embrace the belief that each new litter should represent an improvement over the  last.  Breeders are aware that of the breed has an official standard or written description of how the Ideal dog looks, moves and behaves. They are careful to only breed dogs that meet this standard, give careful consideration to health issues, genetic concerns, temperament, soundness and appearance. We know that every dog - however wonderful as a companion -has certain flaws or weaknesses and that it is important to find a mate that can complement strengths and help eliminate the weaknesses.  We plan ahead to be sure that each puppy they produce will be placed in a safe, loving home suited to its needs. It is our responsibility for the puppy's they produce throughout each puppy's lifetime and are always 
available to answer questions and provide information to the puppy's new owners.

Puppy Lemon Law  

What if you buy a puppy, take it home and discover it has serious health problems? In Pennsylvania, you have options thanks to the Dog Purchaser Protection Act, Section 9.3.
  This law says the seller of a puppy must give the new owner a written documentation about the health and general welfare of the dog. And if, within 10 days of purchase, your dog dies, is determined by a vet to have a contagious, infectious or parasitic illness or becomes clinically ill, you can return the dog for a complete refund or a replacement dog, or keep the dog and be reimbursed for vet fees (but not more than the dog cost). You’re similarly covered if within 30 days the dog dies or is found to have an adverse defect
  A seller also has to provide you with the documentation for registration within 120 days of the sale. Otherwise, you can return the dog for a refund or keep the dog and be refunded 50 percent of the purchase price.
  For more information, contact the Office of the Attorney General. Bureau of Consumer Protection at 800/441-2555 or Attorney General 

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lil pawsBravenet.comlil paws  

Just as the donkey and the elephant were adopted as mascots
by American political parties, so the Keeshond was adopted by a 
Dutch political party, the Patriots, in the late 18th century. 
And like the donkey and elephant, the Keeshond was
around long before the party. He served as a faithful companion 
aboard Dutch canal barges. Under Admiralty law, when a
ship's owner was on shore, the Keeshond's presence carried
the full weight of authority. A cheerful, happy dog, he is often
called "the laughing dog,' as his picture atop his coat of arms
depicts. The shield bears the heraldic lion of Holland, and a
typical old Dutch barge. It is supported by windmills, 
the symbol of  the lowlands.
approaching a breeder, asking questions is vital to assessing both the breeder and the animals: What kinds of dogs, cats or other animals do you breed? How many litters do you have in a year?  
How old are your dogs/cats when you breed them?
What health problems does this particular breed have? 
What are you doing to prevent the traits from 
passing on to the litters?
 How do you choose your breeding stock?
Do you have genetic test results on the litter’s parents?
 What must I do to get one of your puppies?
How old are they when they are sold? 
Will they be vaccinated by then?  
Do you belong to any breed clubs or breed organizations?
Do you belong to a breed parent club and do you follow a code of ethics? Can I review your ethics code?
Do you require a contract? What are the terms and guarantees? What does your contract say about hereditary problems, type of registration 
(limited or full) and spaying/neutering?
Will you take the dog back at any time in its life if there are problems or I
don't want to keep the pet?