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lil pawsThe Keeshond (pronounced "Kayz"-"Hond") is characterized by an adorable raccoon-type face and generously dispersed thick, puffy, creamy  hair from tail to hock called "pantaloons" which garnered this attention-loving and easygoing creature the nickname "Fuzz Butt" way back when.

lil pawsThe first Keeshond was registered with The American Kennel Club in 1930 under "Keeshonden," in the Non-Sporting Group and The Keeshond Club of America, as it was later named, was organized in 1935.  The Keeshond is a very old breed, and one of the very few which throughout history have always been raised for family companions and watchdogs. The fact that they have not been bred to hunt, kill animals, attack or chase criminals undoubtedly accounts for their gentle, intelligent devotion to their owners as home-loving dogs with a special fondness for children, for which they are renowned.

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lil pawsThank you for visiting, my name is Terri and I'm a proud Keeshond owner and passionate fan (if you couldn't tell already!) This particular slice of Cyber Space  is dedicated to the Keeshond Dog Breeder, Owner and Lover in all of us. Anybody who has yet to meet a Keeshond has the potential to have their smile widened and  heart melted at the drop of a bone. These curiously sweet animals are known for their friendliness, intelligence and especially, boundless companionship. 

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